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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Sabbatic Goat - s/t promo CD

Sabbatic Goat - s/t Promo CD (Self released)

Sabbatic Goat are brand new to the New Zealand underground Metal Scene and unlike the majority of us, who are crusty old mollusks, these guys are all around 18 years old. Something that is always refreshing to see, as the creativity that comes from youthful naivety and arrogance is often impossible to replicate as we become older. This demo features three raw rehearsal recordings and a live track of in your face chaotic War metal.

The opening Intro is a mid paced instrumental which sounds semi-developed, although it could show more promise if structured and developed further.  It's not the best start to the demo but when track two "Anemic Swine (Traitor of All Existence)" kicks in the goods really start flying! As they continue to do with Track three "Imprecation".  These two songs highlight the bands solid song writing ability with memorable riffs, decipherable vocals and pounding rhythms.  They also capture the youthful attitude of the band with what comes across as genuinely angry vocals and lyrics.

Track four is a live version of "Anemic Swine". It's really noisy/distorted and you can only really make out one one thing of importance; that these guys are absolutely crushing live!  

Not a perfect release, but a good kick off for what sounds like a band who are going to develop into something exciting!

I understand that Sabbatic Goat may already have a label release in the pipe line, but in the mean time you should obtain this. Find out how by contacting the band directly here: sabbaticgoatnz(at) 

Check out "Imprecation" here:

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