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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skuldom - Kill This Fucking World - Album Review

After more than 10 years in existence, "Kill This Fucking World" is the self released CD version of the first full length Skuldom album.   The disk comes in a limited run of just 300, each copy smeared with a band members own blood.  As I understand it, Skuldom have chosen to put out this version themselves, as after 3 years of ‘Kill This Fucking World’ being completed, it was time to stop waiting for someone else to do it for them.

I will attempt to describe Skuldom and their music for those that don't know of them. Skuldom play extremely violent black metal with the unconventional line up of one filthy sounding distorted bass (Faeces christ), no guitars, intense blasting drums (WC) and insane female vocals/screams (Femondeotus). The Skuldom live show matches their sound, with band members covering them selves their own syringed blood before going on stage.  Shows have also included the use of human feacal corpse paint, human bones, a meat bra, dead rotting animals and scalpel blades thrown into the audience.
Faeces Christ featuring human blood and fecal corpse paint
Compared to the muddy sound of 2003 EP ‘Nativity in Brown’ (which featured a cover photo of a miniature nativity scene containing, instead of the baby Jesus, a knobbly little manger sized turd that bassist Faeces Christ had apparently selected after inspecting his own poo everyday for a week to find the perfect specimen),  “Kill This Fucking World”  has a Brutal 'in your face' production which captures the band's onstage aggression perfectly.  All of the songs have been edited close together to create one flowing wall of war like satanic chaos. 
The cover of 'Nativity In Brown' featuring previously mentioned turd.
This release sticks in your mind with well defined and very memorable songs. It grows better and better with each repeated listen just like great albums should.  From The opening bass chords of "Return to the Abyss" to the closing of "Beyond" (The first ever slow Skuldom song), tracks such as the title tune and ‘Dying Bleeding Burning Kneeling’ start growing in your head and spreading like a growth.
Lets cut to the chase: ‘Kill This Fucking World’ IS an underground black metal classic!
You need to hear this!!!!
You can order ‘Kill this fucking World’ from the band’s Website If you’re a label you should go there to contact the band and offer to release a kick ass vinyl version!

For a 30 second taste of “Kill This Fucking World” watch the below video: