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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Demo Download - Wölfe - I

Something a tad different this post.  I was contacted via the Subcide Webzine Facebook page today by a two piece band called Wölfe from Melbourne, who have been playing together for years not decided to record anything until 2010.  They sent me a link for their demo "I" and said I could do what I wanted with it including uploading it.  As I think this is a pretty damn fine classic raw underground Metal demo, I thought I'd do just that and share it with you.

Click here to download "Wölfe - I"  and post your thoughts in the comments box.

There is a mixed bag of sounds here including raw chaotic black thrash and swedish crust.  There something cool about a raw sounding demo that has samples and intro and interludes between each song.  Love it!

For more information about Wölfe and how to contact them click on the image below 

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