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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sabbatic Goat - Interview

Earlier in the year I reviewed the Sabbatic Goat self titled promo CD (Click here to read). As they were completely new to me I thought it would be worth firing off a few interview questions to Sabbatic Goat main man Nathan Barrow.  Following are his answers. 

1 - Unlike most of us crusty old bastards playing decent underground Metal in New Zealand, you guys are all quite youthful and about half our age. Exactly why is it that you are playing the quality underground raw Metal that Sabbatic Goat play and not Korn and Limp Biscuit covers/rip offs?

A. We have no interest in weak music such as bands like that. It offers no contribution to true metal what so ever. It dissapoints me to see how those sort's of bands are what most 'Metalheads' of todays scenes consider to be real metal.

2 -You recently sent me the lyrics for your song ‘Anemic Swine’. What exactly is that song about? What exactly is your inspiration for these lyrics? Are they reflective of your views of the world and society in general? Why/why not?

A. The song is a fictional idea of an apocalyptic extra-terrestrial event in which the human race and our planet is destroyed. I like to believe that there is some form of being or force unknown to us that would prove us weak and powerless compared to our idea that we are the superior race.

3 - You are currently working on a proper studio recording to follow up your self titled promo/rehearsal CD. Could you tell us about this? i.e. what will it be released as? what will it be called? What songs will be on it? When and how will it be available? What are your personal views on the s/t promo CD?

A. We are still in the process of writing at this time. We are possibly going through more line-up changes so no plans have been made yet for recording. It will feature Anemic Swine from the promo, plus another 3-4 new songs and will be released as a demo tape. As for the promo, i dont regret releasing it, but it was extremly rushed and more though, effort and time could have been put into it. But it has still done ok for what it is and helped spread our name.

Self titled promo CD

4 - I recently witnessed you play an awesome live set at the Rites of Abomination show in Auckland. What were your thoughts about your set that night and of the show in general?

A. I thouroughly enjoyed all the other bands at Rites. It was a memorable experiance for me and as a band we took alot from it. As far as our set goes i wasn't entierly satisfied. It was our first show in Auckland and i felt we were rather unprepared for it and my own personal performance i was unhappy with. But we recieved a positive responce so we can't have been as bad as i thought.

Sabbatic Goat playing Rites of Abomination

5 - Has the international exposure of other New Zealand bands such as Diocletian, Witchrist, Heresiarch etc inspired your approach to music? If so how?
Those bands definatly have an effect on us. I have been in contact with a few members from these bands and recieved plently of support and advice from them. Seeing Diocletian and Witchrist at ROA was definatly an inspiration to further ourselves as a band and to stick to what we are doing in hope of one day reaching the same level of international attention as them.

6 - What is your long term vision for Sabbatic Goat? How do you intend to get there?

Sabbatic Goat is mostly a project of mine so im always changing my mind on what i want to do with the band and where i want to take it. So only time will tell. For now all im focused on is achieving a solid line-up and releasing our demo.

7 - Any last words?

Keep your eyes and ears open. We have more to come.

Sabbatic Goat

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Nathan Barrow

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