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Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: Heresiarch - Hammer Of Intransigence

Heresiarch - Hammer Of Intransigence CD (Dark Descent)

Following on from their pro-cassette released "Obsecrating the Global Holocaust", reviewed here back in August 11, "Hammer Of Intransigence" is a natural progression and also overall improvement in the Heresiarch sound.  Members of the band themselves have accurately said that this sounds ten times better than the previous recording.  Not only that, but you can't escape a review of this with out making mention of it's epic cover art by Nick Keller
Stand out tracks in my opinion are opener "Carnivor", a reworking of "Man is Carnivore" from the "Obsecrating" demo, and the heavy as all fuck doom closer "Intransigent". Both these compositions stand out to me because of their huge memorable riffs and intros which hook you in to the rest of "Hammer".  I'd like to see Heresiarch utilising more of this in the future to further enhance their sound.
This EP/Mini album is the sound of warlike chaos with definition and clarity at the same time. Lets hear what comes next.

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