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Friday, July 8, 2011

Review: Meth Drinker s/t vinyl

s/t album on Alwaysneverfunrecords

I don’t know much about these guys except that they’re from Wellington (New Zealand)
and that this, their debut self titled release, features nasty filthy depressive sludge in the vein of Buzzov*en or Eyehategod.  Imagine that, then picture a scummy flat in Newtown (Wellington suburb) that hasn’t seen a vacuum cleaner in 15+ years. There's assorted crap strewn everywhere, used plates covered in dried crusted food all over the floor. The occupants are unconscious...occasionally coming out of their drugged out methylated spirits induced haze to start jamming on the various instruments set up around the room. With this you’ve pretty much got Meth Drinker. ...or at least the sound of their record.
See for your self on this music video for the track “Broken Down and Used Up”

This is an excellent first release, however I’d like to see where Meth Drinker can take their song writing on the next one.

My version is the vinyl which is Limited to 100 with a screen printed cover. As mine is number 98 It’s safe to say that it won’t be available any longer.  I believe however that a CD version is still in stock and can be obtained from here: alwaysneverfunrecords

I’ll get to see Meth Drinker live in a week or so when they come to Auckland to play, not a normal gig in a venue but at a party at someones house.  Something tells me this will be the perfect environment.
Check out more Meth Drinker tunes here: