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Friday, January 21, 2011


'AAAARGGHH!!!! Magazine' ran for 7 issues (excluding a couple of preliminary issues) between 1987 to 1991.  It was the first underground Metal fanzine to come from New Zealand and was the product of one Mr. Paul Campbell.  Paul was a key person in inspiring me to get involved in underground music and start my own Zine.  In recent times I've got to know Paul quite well and have been encouraging/harassing him to do his own webzine/blog based on AAAARGGHH!!!  Recently, after an afternoon over a dozen Beers, I was successful in getting him to start digging through his archives and beginning to scan historical artifacts.  Among other things he's posted on his facebook page, I thought I'd share the below with you. It's the last letter that Paul received from the legendary 'Euronymous'.  Unfortunately this was the only letter he's kept, as the earlier hand written letters were discarded in a clean up soon after  he completed issue 7.  
Stay posted as I continue to annoy Paul until he finally gives in and AAAARGGHH!!! experiences it's on line rebirth.                                                                     - Chris Rigby 

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