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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Diocletain - War Of All Against All

After selling several thousand albums internationally on both CD and vinyl formats and playing shows in Southeast Asia, Ireland, across Europe and most recently the US, Diocletian are one of New Zealand music's dirtiest secrets. A secret that New Zealand Music it's self probably doesn't even know about and most likely the way the band like it.
Diocletian play 'War Metal' , a style which was founded, or at least popularised by bands such as Order from Chaos and Canada's Blasphemy (The later of which Diocletian member VK is currently the live session bassist for). To describe the sound of War Metal and Diocletian in particular, picture a giant Nuclear armed tank, 50 meters high with each of it's tracks the width of a four lane motorway. Riding on top of it of it is a giant repulsive non human multi tentacled being barking out orders in an unknown violent language to the thousands of solders marching in front of it.  The Solders are oversized black clad gas mask wearing figures that may or may not be human, but are definitely of some sort of mutant barbarian genetic strain. Each one of them is carrying a 50 cal. machine gun with a chainsaw bayonet revved up full bore.  Then imagine that image channeled through Guitars, Bass, drums and vocals in order to get an idea of what Diocletian sound like.   
Among all this chaos it's hard to pin point exactly what it is I like about this album more so than it's predecessor 'Doom Cult'. It could be the a more naturally focussed feel that's come from the band being together for a longer amount of time (Honed chaos if you will), the more upfront definition/bite in the production, the evolved sound of the vocals, the seemingly more pronounced heavy riffs or  maybe a combination of all theses things.  
To give a graphic comparison, refer to the previous described image of said War machine. If the Doom Cult version were destroying everything in it's path, then this version would be doing the same thing except it would be placing extra focus on strategic targets to ensure greater efficiency in it's destruction. 
Listening to a Diocletian album is  an experience rather than a collection of songs.  "War Of All Against All" is not recommended for the weak hearted, but is a necessity for those with an Iron will, black blood and a lust for war. 

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